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Manual Safety Pilot Kit - Propane

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$9.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Manual Safety Pilot Kit - Propane

Safety Pilot Kit (For Propane) Description

Fireplaces are the perfect companion of anyone who loves to socialize in the comfort of their own home. They have their own charm, and can make the whole atmosphere warm and inviting. To make your fireplace the perfect entertainment accessory you must make sure that it is easy to operate and you can easily adjust the flame.

To achieve this, you can go for one of our safety pilot kits. For your propane application, we have Safety Pilot Kit (For Propane) that is the perfect answer to your need of a kit that makes switching on or off your fireplace a breeze.

This safety pilot kit is available in three options:

  • Manual Safety pilot kit
  • Variable flame remote control safety pilot kit
  • On/Off remote control safety pilot kit

You can go for a manual safety pilot kit if you are looking for basic on/off feature, but for better control and convenience you can go for Variable flame remote control safety pilot kit or On/Off remote control safety pilot kit by paying a premium.

The kit lets you switch on/off your fireplace and adjust the flame with much ease. You can use it with any of our H-burners and pan burners. It includes a custom mounting bracket to adapt to different burner types. The kit uses a thermocouple standing pilot system.

Safety Pilot Kit (For Propane) Specifications

  • Description: Safety pilot kit for propane applications
  • Weight: 5 Lbs
  • Product Type: Safety pilot kit
  • Location: Indoor ONLY
  • Use in: Indoor Propane Applications ONLY
  • Remote control: Optional