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Rectangular Drop-in Pans


Rectangular Drop-In Pans

Rectangular drop-in burner pans come with a convenient 'lip' so that they can be easily inserted into a fire pit and just as easily removed after use. These burner pans greatly reduce the amount of fire glass you will need to fill your fire pit because they give the fire pit a false bottom, creating the illusion that the fire pit is full whereas only the top portion of it is. 

All our rectangular drop-in burner pans are made of 100% stainless steel, which means they are very durable and can withstand extreme heat as well as harsh weather without sustaining any damage or rusting. Each comes with a built-in, high quality H-burner and weep holes to prevent water accumulation. 

Our rectangular drop-in fire pit burner pans come in the following sizes to suit several types of fire pits: 18" x 6", 24" x 8", 30" x 10", 36" x 12" and 48" x 14".