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Tiki Torches "Automated"

Automated Tiki Torches instantly provide soothing and beautiful lighting to transform your yard into a tropical paradise, The convenience of automation is an added touch for relaxed entertainment. No more filling up the oil or re-lighting when the wind blows them out. Just turn them on and the integrated solid state controller takes care of the rest. With the flip of a switch, push of a button from an optional wireless remote control or the touch of the screen on your phone these unique open flame tiki torches bring the look and feel of a tropical vacation to your back yard. We offer the finest fully automated Tiki Torches available. They use glow plug style hot ignition lighting and relighting system that will not go out in heavy wind or rain. All models have an automatic safety shutoff system in the event it does not light or the flame goes out. Our Tiki Torches have all the components contained in the Tiki head. They are ready to connect to your 24 volt pool system controller or the provided 24 volt transformer. We also offer 2 remote control options. An R.F. key-fob that will control your Tiki Torch with a pocket sized remote. Also available is a Smart Phone App to control your fire features with iOS or Android smart phone. Black powder coated Aluminum pole comes with an 18" burial base support pole. All models available for use with Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LP) 25,000 BTU's Output