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"H" Submersible Manifolds for SUBEIS Systems

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$9.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Manifold/Burner only, SUBEIS controller not included.:
These Manifolds/Burners require a SUBEIS controller to be used.
12" "H" Shaped Manifold for SUBEIS System

Bring your backyard, patio, or courtyard to life combining all elements of nature. These exquisite, harmonious outdoor Fire on Water Features centerpieces will be sure to please you, your family, and your guests year-round. Experience our unique outdoor Fire Features at their finest.

Submersible "H" Manifolds up to 18" require only (1/4 psi) for use on SUBEIS (Submersible Electronic Ignition System)     Note:  Can be used with Standard Residential Gas Pressure (1/4 psi) or higher pressure.

Manifolds 24" and larger require at least 1/2 psi to function properly. They MUST be used with HIGHER than normal Residential Gas Pressure - Requires 1/2 psi or higher Pressure.  Contact your Gas Supplier to determine if you can get Higher Gas Pressure Service PRIOR to ordering. 

The SUBEIS (Submersible Electronic Ignition System) is NOT included with the purchase of a Submersible Manifold. To purchase a SUBEIS controller click here.


Features & Benefits:
  • Stainless steel design of SUBEIS is rated for fresh water use.
  • Electronic ignition system controls the the pilot light and gas flow.
  • If the flame goes out due to weather, the system will try to relight 3-4 times. If unsuccessful, the unit will automatically shut down.