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48" x 14" Stainless Steel Rectangular Drop-In Fire Pit Pan

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48" x 14" Stainless Steel Rectangular Drop-In Fire Pit Pan side

48” X 14” Rectangular Stainless Steel Drop in Fire Pit Pan

A warm, roaring fire glass display is just what you need to add some excitement to your next outdoor get together. The fire will warm the surroundings while the fire glass dazzles your visitors, becoming the focus of all conversations. However, to organize a truly awesome fire glass display you will need the right equipment; this includes our 48" x 14" rectangular drop-in fire pit burner pan!

Maximizes the Magic, Minimizes the Fire Glass

Our 48" x 14" rectangular drop-in burner pans come with a convenient lip so that they can easily be inserted into your fire pit and then removed after use. Fire pit pans give fire pits a false bottom which significantly reduces the amount of fire glass you will need for your display because the pans create the illusion that the entire fire pit is full of fire glass, whereas only the top portion of it is. Your get an amazing fire display with minimal fire glass!

Extremely Durable & User Friendly 

Made of 304 stainless steel, our 48" x 14" rectangular drop-in burner pans are extremely durable and have been designed to withstand extreme heat and harsh weather without sustaining any damage or rust. Each pan comes with a built-in H-burner and weep holes to prevent water accumulation. Each pan is also fitted with a convenient 1/2" nipple for easy attachment to a propane or natural gas supply.

All that remains are to throw some fire glass on to the fire pit pan and ignite the h-burner for a mesmerizing spectacle!

(Please note: For propane applications, a propane air mixer is required) 

48” X 14” Rectangular Stainless Steel Drop in Fire Pit Pan Specifications

  • Dimensions: 48" Long x 14" Wide x 2" Deep
  • Weight: 27 lbs.
  • Material: Hand crafted with high quality 304 stainless steel
  • Description: Stainless steel fire pit pan with a 1-1/4" flange and built-in h-burner
  • Features: Holes in H-burner are drilled and not punched (punched holes can cause a loud whistle)
  • Includes: Built in 1/2" gas inlet on bottom of burner for easy installation
  • Fire glass capacity: Uses 80 pounds of fire glass (not included)
  • Use in: Outdoor vented natural or propane gas burning fire feature ONLY
  • Special note: MUST use our propane adapter for converting to liquid propane
  • Heat rating: 219,000 B.T.U/Hour rating maximum

Warranty: 5-year manufacturer warranty