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24" x 6" Stainless Steel H-Style Burner - Propane

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24" x 6" Stainless Steel H-Style Burner - Propane

24" x 6" Stainless Steel H-Style Burner - Propane

One of the things in life we all enjoy is getting together and sitting in front of a warm, blazing fireplace. The dancing flames seem to take away all the stress and worries of the day, putting everyone at complete ease and stimulating cheerful conversation. However, to light up a truly gratifying fire one needs the right equipment, and with our elegant 24" x 6" H-burner (propane gas), you will be able to set up a fire display which they and their guests won't soon forget!

Stylish, Efficient & Easy to Install

Our stylish 24" x 6" H-burners for propane gas aren't just pleasing to look at, but also extremely efficient flame producers. Resembling a piece of shining modern art, they are designed to fit perfectly within your fireplace and deliver an impressive and evenly distributed flame in a straight line. Each H-burner comes with a 16-inch flex line and all the necessary fittings and convenient tray for usage with a propane gas supply. Installation requires just a few easy steps and no professional assistance is needed.

Extremely Durable & Long Lasting

Our 24" x 6" H-burners are constructed with high quality stainless steel which means they can withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures without the slightest damage or discoloration. You and your guests will be able to enjoy this amazing product for many years to come!

(Note: For best effect, use under 2 - 4 inches of fire glass!)

*** We highly recommend using our SAFETY PILOT KIT SYSTEM with this propane gas product ***

24" x 6" Stainless Steel H-Style Burner - Propane Specifications

  • Material: Hand crafted in the USA with high quality stainless steel
  • Type: H-style burner w/ propane gas tray
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Fuel Type: Propane Gas
  • Length: 24"
  • Width: 6"
  • Weight: 8.00 lbs.   
  • Location: Indoor and outdoor
  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Venting Type: Fully vented
  • Unique Feature: Simple and efficient to use
  • Fire Glass: To be used under a 2 - 4 inch layer of fire glass for best effect (not included)
  • Fire Glass Capacity: Varies based on size of tray
  • Items Included: Only tray for propane gas
  • Heat Rating: 125,000 B.T.U/Hour rating
  • Warranty: 5-year manufacturer warranty