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Vent Free Burners

Vent-Free or Ventless Burners

So, you want to enjoy the feel of a nice cosy fireplace, but you don't have a chimney in your homes? No problem, we present vent-free burners!

Extremely heat-efficient as well as stylishly designed, our vent-less burner kits require no ventilation at all, which means all the lovely warmth remains in doors. Furthermore, this device works with a thermostat-controlled valve system that controls the gas flow into the burner in order to maintain a consistent temperature in any lounge or living room.

Our vent-free burner produces a very realistic flame, yet its extremely eco-friendly as there is no ash or soot and there is no hassle of dealing with firewood! To further enhance the ambiance, throw in some dazzling fire glass... suddenly, the simulated fireplace will become the focus of everyone's attention.

Our vent-free burners come in both single face and double face varieties and are available for use with both natural gas and propane.

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